Diese Bilder sind auf einem iPad gemalt und können als Drucke bei mir bestellt werden. Möglich ist Posterdruck, Druck auf Acrylglas, Alu Dibond-Platten und Keilrahmen. Auch kann ein Bild als Original gekauft werden und wird dann nicht mehr anderweitig reproduziert. Preise und Größen auf Anfrage.
homepage: wordpress.galeriegartlgruber.de

This are paintings, made with an iPad and It's possible to order them in different  sizes and versions.
If you want to buy an original only for you, the painting will not be reproduced anymore by me.
homepage: wordpress.galeriegartlgruber.de

The majority of my paintings are not planned; when I start painting, I don’t have a clear vision of what the painting will be.  While playing with colors, I start seeing figures and forms, and when I can relate to past experiences, the painting emerges.
"In the South, the senses are excited, the hands more skillful, the eye sharper, the mind clearer…”
(Vincent Van Gogh)

As Van Gogh’s experience in the South of France, Premdharma’s stays in India show similarities as it relates to the clarity of thought and the skillfulness of the hand. Instead of an agitation of the senses, Premdharma finds peace in India – a peace that permeates throughout all of his images.

So strong and intense the colors, so lively the subjects, such as the diversity of the always-repeating theme – the relationship between man and woman, between femininity and masculinity in a person, so calm and timeless the represented theme seems to be.

Premdharma meditates; from this condition, his painting happens unintentionally, the process, begun without plan, evolves from within by themselves through archetypical pictures and personal creativity. Without consideration of intellectual theory, without fear of quotations and stylistic support, he moves on the background of his cultural heritage. Thus, his painting contains elements of the classic modern trend, his images remind of Braque, Picasso and Chagall.  There are parallels to painters of the Transavantgarde movement, such as Francesco Clemente, who also lived among different cultures and did not hesitate to use materials of an imaginary museum not bound by time and place.

In the center of Premdharma’s work, there are usually one or two figures: a woman, a flute player, or a couple,  typically with large eyes, wide open, looking toward the viewer, keeping strangely to itself; however, leaving the viewer to himself.  When contemplating the painting, he contemplates himself at the same time.

Beate Mertens, Pressereferentin
der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, Juni 2000
"Wenn du absolut in Stille bist, dann wird alles,was in dieser Stille passiert, eine neue Farbe bekommen. Das ist die Geburt der Kunst." OSHO


50 years Stones
Buddha behind
Wanderer im Sturm
Between the sounds
Buddha within
Dance of life
After work
Der Poet
Who am I?
Inner guidance
Looking forward
Song of the day
Kung Chi
Love thyself
Laughing Buddha
Mäandern oder so
The sun behind the sun
Sleeping Ätna
Fading summer
More here: https://spark.adobe.com/page/WDLVK/
Love is the answer
King of dance
Erdige Luftgeister
Miss Verständnis
Der Menschenflüsterer
Alles im Fluss
A real jewel
Body and soul
I don´t know
Nur die Liebe zählt
Wer schaut
Prem Diogenes
Unheard melody
Voll in Fahrt
Nur Natur

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